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3D electron tomography of mitochondria in heart cells (Biomedical Picture of the Day, 02/2018)

3D electron microscopic reconstructions, conducted by Dr Eva Rog-Zielinska from IEKM, revealed snake-like remodelling of mitochondria in diseased heart that would have been mis-interpreted as an accumulation of many small mitochondria in 2D sections. [Biomedical Picture of the Day] [direct link to article]

A hard blow to the chest may cause sudden cardiac death (Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology, 08/2017)

Recently published in Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology - A hard blow to the chest may release a dangerous excitation of the heart / Sudden cardiac death in sports. [official press release] [direct link to article]

Immune cells conduct electricity in the heart (Cell, 04/2017)

Recently published in Cell - Electrical coupling of muscle cells and macrophages in the heart / Findings may lead to new therapeutic approaches for treating cardiac infarction and arrhythmias. [official press release] [direct link to article]

The spark of life (PNAS, 12/2016)

As just published in PNAS - finger-like contact between an active, action potential generating, muscle cell (surface-rendered in blue) and a passive non-muscle cell (green). The contact is thought to electrify the non-myocyte, inducing action potential-like fluctuations in electrical parameters that may be passed on to other cells in the tissue, forming a basis for passive conduction across scars in the heart. [official press release] [direct link to article]

Targeting cardiac fibrosis (Nat Rev Drug Disc, 06/2016)

Our understanding of the functions of cardiac fibroblasts has moved beyond their roles in heart structure. [direct link to article]