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Universitäts-Herzzentrum Freiburg - Bad KrozingenUniversitäts-Herzzentrum Freiburg - Bad Krozingen

Tibor Hornyik, Dr. med.

Physician Scientist (Translational Research)
  • Electro-mechnical and mechano-electrical interactions in arrhythmia disorders
  • Transgenic LQTS animal models for arrhythmia disorders
  • Cellular mechanisms of antiarrhythmic and pro-arrhythmic drug actions
  • Investigation of antiarrhythmic potential of novel drug candidates in canine AF model

    Tibor Hornyik studied Medicine at the University of Szeged Faculty of Medicine (Hungary) and obtained his MD in 2006. After being resident medical officer (2006 – 2008), he joined the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, University of Szeged (2008 – 2018), where he focused on investigating potential antiarrhythmic and pro-arrhythmic mechanisms of various novel drug candidates using in vivo big animal models and in vitro cellular electrophysiological techniques. After a successful joint research project with Prof Katja Odening (“Double transgenic LQT2-5 rabbits”, 2015 - 2018), Tibor joined the IEKM in Freiburg as a physician scientist in the Translational Research Group in 2018. Currently, his main focus of interest is to study the regional heterogeneity and electro-mechanical interactions in the rabbit heart.