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AG Cardiovascular Pharmacology

(PD Dr. A. Lother)


Pharmacology of the Mineralocorticoid Receptor:
Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists are a cornerstone of heart failure therapy. Despite great efficacy their use is limited by considerable adverse effects such as impairment of renal function or hyperkalemia. The goal of our research is to identify 1) cell types and 2) molecular mechanisms that mediate the protective effect of MR blockade in the cardiovascular system. MR-dependently expressed genes and cell type-specific MR co-regulator proteins might serve as novel therapeutic targets in the future.

Transcriptional Control of Endothelial Cell Biology:
Endothelial cells have important regulatory function in the cardiovascular system. In heart failure endothelial cells directly modulate cardiac contractile and relaxation capacity. Attraction and transmigration of immune cells via the endothelial barrier is essentially involved in the development of cardiac fibrosis. Our research aims at the interaction of transcription factors and epigenetic DNA modifications that regulate endothelial cell biology in cardiovascular disease.  



PD Dr. A. Lother

Heart Center Freiburg University
Cardiology and Angiology I

phone: +49 761 203-5323
E-mail: achim.lother@uniklinik-freiburg.de
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PD Dr. A. Lother