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Clinical Trials in Interventional Vascular Medicine


Study Group

Continuous improvements in interventional vascular medicine pushing frontiers of treatment for many kinds of diseases urgently need to be accompanied by reliable clinical data. The Clinical Research Group in the Department of Angiology is one of the largest entities in that field currently conducting more than 40 multicenter trials with a focus on treatment of peripheral artery disease, arterial hypertension and venous diseases.

Group Members

Prof. Dr. Thomas Zeller MD

Prof. Dr. Thomas Zeller MD
Senior Investigator

Phone +49 (0)7633 402 2430

Dr. Ulrich Beschorner

Dr. Ulrich Beschorner
Head of Clinical Research Department Angiology
Medical Director of CoreLab Bad Krozingen GmbH

Phone +49 (0)7633 402 4919

  • Dr. Tanja Böhme, Angiologist, Clinical Fellow
  • Dr. Krista Schöllhorn, Clinical Fellow
  • Annika Franz, Study Nurse/ Study Coordinator
  • Olga Greb, Study Nurse/Study Coordinator
  • Angela Grigg, Study Nurse/Study Coordinator
  • Sonja Haberstroh, Study Nurse/Study Coordinator
  • Claudia Maas, Study Nurse/Study Coordinator
  • Monika Rubin-Fedrich, Head Study Nurse/Study Coordinator
  • Jochen Strübin, Study Nurse/ Study Coordinator
  • Frank Thürmer, Study Nurse/Study Coordinator
  • Verena Zähringer, Study Nurse/Study Coordinator



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